January 28, 2022

Keep Calm and Marry On

Cameo Bridal Salon

Factories in China that produce 80 percent of Western wedding dresses are backlogged on orders due to coronavirus-induced closures, leading to delays in wedding dress delivery. But the bridal industry remains certain it can deliver a gown to each and every bride — some might just arrive a couple weeks late but so far so good. Absolutely 100% of gowns ordered for the next several months have already arrived and everything is on track.
Last year, more than 2.2 million brides sorted through miles of chiffon, lace and sequins to find their dream wedding dresses. The bridal industry not only needs to know how to temper bridal anxieties, but also anticipate market fluctuations to ensure dresses are fitted and delivered on time.
Here at Cameo Bridal, when our consultants tell you a time frame for the delivery of your gowns, they take into consideration where your gown comes from and the dependability on the shipping process and already include any delivery delays within that time frame. Of course, there is that rare incidence when a designer promises us a confirmed delivery date and the timing seems a bit close to the dates needed, this is why expedited delivery is available.
Please do not lose confidence that your dress will not arrive on time because we guarantee that you will have a dress for your event no matter what and we will do whatever is necessary to keep that promise. I feel confident that the bridal industry will be completely back to normal soon..
“People are getting upset for I think the wrong reasons. I don’t want to tell any woman that she doesn’t have the right to worry about her wedding gown. But put it in perspective, it’s not like a heart-lung machine that you need that’s not going to arrive on time to save your life.”

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Cameo Bridal Salon

January 28, 2022


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