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Custom Appointments

Every Event Is Unique

Your wedding gown needs to reflect your style and the type of wedding you are having. It needs to fit and flatter you, to your exact taste, at a price you can afford. To ensure you have every option available to you, we recommend ordering a wedding dress six to eight months in advance of your big day. If you are a spontaneous bride and don’t have that kind of time, we have options to help you including rush delivery, less formal alternatives, or one of our immaculate samples.

Why Book An Appointment?

Everything leading up to your special day should be personalized and unique. Booking an appointment guarantees you specialized attention from one of our stylists and ensures you and your guests have the relaxed and enjoyable experience you deserve. Your grad & wedding gowns may be the most exclusive garment you ever own, so finding it should be just as much fun as wearing it!
We have three bridal appointment options to choose from, and we’re pleased to now offer graduation and ladies wear appointments!
Note: We now require a $50 deposit for Saturday bridal appointments to reserve your time slot with a consultant. This fee is to ensure you get the time and attention you deserve and it goes towards the gown you select. This fee is non-refundable.

Option #1 – Walk-in Bridal Appointments

Going on impulse? Just driving by? Need to stay flexible because of your crazy schedule?
Walk-in appointments are available for brides and bridal parties on a first come first serve basis during our regular hours Monday through Saturday. Previously scheduled appointments do take priority, so please understand if we ask you to wait or schedule you at a later time. This ensures each bride and/or group receives the time, attention, and service they deserve.
Note: We will do our best to accommodate every bride, but please try to limit the number of guests joining you to 5 people including yourself. If you plan to bring more, please plan ahead and make a scheduled after-hours appointment. Every effort will be made, but we cannot guarantee you 100% of our staff’s time and attention during a walk-in appointment

Option #2 – Regular Bridal Appointments

Looking for some personalized attention? Need to shop at a specific date and time?
Available for brides and bridal parties, regular appointments are available during regular hours
Standard appointment timing:
Bridal: 2 hours
Bridesmaid: 1 hour
Combined: 2.5 hours
Need an appointment outside store hours? After hour appointments are available for a non-refundable booking fee of $25. This fee is due when the appointment is booked. All booking fees will be applied as a credit to any purchase made within 30 days of your original appointment. We ask that after hour appointments be booked at least 48 hours in advance.
Note: We will do our best to accommodate every bride, but please try to limit the number of guests joining you to 5 including yourself. If you plan to bring more than this, please mention that while booking your appointment and consider scheduling an after-hours appointment. Please note, regular appointments are not private, and other appointments may be scheduled simultaneously. Regular appointments are not available during Holidays.

Option #3 – Private Bridal Appointments

The Ultimate Exclusive Experience
Available exclusively for brides, this appointment level guarantees you complete privacy as we reserve the entire store just for you and your group. Your appointment will be tailored to your exact needs – large groups, special requests, you name it. Ask us about creating a custom experience. Available outside regular studio hours, a fee is required at the time of booking and reserves the salon for two hours.
Booking fees are non-refundable. Appointments must be booked and/or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Need more than two hours? Want a private appointment during regular studio hours? Call us for details. Appointments are not available during Holidays.