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Tuxedo Measuring Guide

Gathering your measurements is easy when you follow along with our helpful measuring video. But before we begin, you’ll need…

Get someone to help you, as this is very important for accurate results. To Acquire measurements for yourself, you will need to ask someone to do the measuring for you. 

Follow the instructions on the video carefully. The accuracy of your measurements will ensure a properly fitted ensemble. 

You will need a measuring tape. The measuring steps require you to usually a quality tailor’s measuring tape. If you need one, contact Jim’s Customer Service team at 866-783-5767, and they’ll send one out free of charge.

What You Need To Know

Essential Tips for Success

• Do not try to take measurements yourself! An inaccurate measurement that may be off by only an inch may get you a tuxedo coat that’s one or two sizes too big or small. For the best fit, it is recommended that an experienced professional take your measurements.

• Direct your gentlemen to visit an Authorized Jim’s Formal Wear Retailer to have measurements taken (if possible). These stores have been trained to measure properly to ensure a great fitting tuxedo. If a JFW Retailer is not close, a professional tailor or menswear shop is certainly a good alternative. (Please be aware that some retailers may charge a small fee for measurement services).

• Current measurements are the most accurate! Even though a gentleman may have been measured for a tuxedo recently, measurements can and do change. It’s wise to be measured again.

• Measurements should be submitted at least four to six weeks before your formal affair.